Most couples start their relationship full of happiness and love. Over time, many relationships fall apart, stressed by everyday challenges and by mistakes the couple make along the way. At Living Mercy Counseling, we are committed to not only helping couples stay together, but to help them become happy again!  We use God’s Word, proven techniques and skills, and practical experience to help couples improve and grow. Our  therapy approach is designed to give a couple a  strong start on a solid biblical and practical foundation.


Living Mercy Counseling offers relationship and marriage counseling to those who are looking to work through tough times in a relationship. We employ educational and therapeutic approaches that teach couples how to acquire the skills necessary to build lasting relationships. Couples learn to avoid the behaviors that often result in being unhappy or divorced. Couples come to understand the central role one’s past has on present and future thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


In couples counseling, we act as an objective facilitator, teaching you and your partner active listening skills that convey empathy and respect. Most problems in a relationship stem from poor communication, and in therapy we will collaborate to discuss ways in which you and your partner can lovingly and honestly identify and express your personal feelings and needs with each other. We believe that current intensity and obstacles in close relationships can indicate unresolved pain and patterns from the past, and seeking insight from the past can help us heal, individually and relationally, in the present. No matter what issues you may face as a couple, God can heal past and current wounds, resolve conflicts and enable us to live in harmony as a couple.


The counseling process begins with an initial session in order to identify the goal for therapy whether it is trying to re-kindle romance, address communication issues, or work through some difficult snags that don’t seem to resolve themselves. Therapy typically occurs on a weekly basis to gain momentum on fixing the problem.  Once the intensity of your problem is reduced, as determined by both the couple and your therapist, session frequency can begin to lessen. The duration of therapy is determined by a variety of factors, including the type and severity of the presenting problem and response to treatment.


You can expect your therapist to take the time to get to know you and your particular situation. This helps your therapist understand how to best help you so your goals can be achieved. Counseling is a collaborative process where the therapist works with you to facilitate change while respecting your values and beliefs. Call us today at (425) 919-8765  or email us below to schedule an appointment.