Welcome to Living Mercy Email Counseling. Talking to a professional counselor through email exchange gives a client the perspective, knowledge, and support they need to grow beyond their current troubles. We offer email counseling to those clients that find it easier to express their feelings and thoughts in writing. Email therapy can offer more comfort and safety for clients who have difficulty opening up and talking about themselves in front of another person.  Online Christian Counseling via email is an effective and affordable service with distinct benefits over other forms of therapy. With email counseling, you have more time to formulate questions to your therapist and you can take time to absorb their diagnostic response.


An email session is a dialogue that takes place via email between you and your counselor. You initiate the session by purchasing your session securely.  Next you enter your email message to your counselor in the form below. The message is stored on a secured server in an encrypted format.  Your therapist will review your message and send you a detailed response via encrypted email within 24 hours.


To ensure client information is totally protected, we employ the CipherPost Pro using AppRiver’s Secure Messaging Platform (SMP) to provide complete end-to-end security. When a user sends an email with CipherPost Pro, it avoids using insecure SMTP and establishes an HTTPS connection to the AppRiver cloud data center. The email is sent securely to the cloud servers where it is stored with 256-bit AES encryption. We employ CipherPost Pro Systems because it is HIPAA compliant and protecting our clients personal information is always a top priority with us.


The message you receive will contain a link.  Open the link and you will receive instructions to access your message stored on the AppRiver.com secured server.  You will be asked to create a log-in password the first time you visit the site.  After you log-in you will be able to read the message.  This helps ensure the information to you from your counselor is protected.


Each email session you purchase consists of one message from you to your therapist and one reply message from your therapist to you.  For additional email sessions simply return to our website and purchase additional sessions. If you are interested in email therapy, simply purchase an email session above, and then send your email to our office using the form below.  For any questions, call our office at (425) 919-8765  or send us an inquiry email.