Everyone goes through difficult times at some point in their lives. At Living Mercy Counseling, we are committed to helping people get through the hard times, address  their issues, and grow to the quality of life God intends them to have.

Individual therapy, also frequently known as psychotherapy, is a form of counseling that involves one-on-one meetings between therapist and client. Sessions can take numerous forms, ranging from casual chats to structured, serious appointments utilizing therapeutic-proven techniques. Individual therapy is often beneficial for its intimate and confidential nature. Clients are free to talk about any subject, from childhood issues to troubling thoughts and ideas, with no risk of judgment or shame. Individual therapy can also be used to address many difficult situations, such as relationship and family problems, compulsive behaviors,  grief and loss, social challenges, career struggles and interpersonal problems.


Individual counseling is a time for you to explore and understand the deeper parts of you and regain and rehabilitate the parts that have been hidden or lost beneath pain. We believe you have unique strengths and resources that can help you achieve your goals and overcome your struggles. Our role is to provide you with support, understanding, empathy, feedback and strategies so you can heal from the hurt and discover your true potential.


Individual counseling with Living Mercy Counseling begins with a 60 minute initial consultation, in which the therapist gathers a wide variety of background information and learns about the current situation or circumstances that have brought you to therapy at this time in your life. In the first session, a treatment plan is discussed, and a general session schedule is agreed upon.


Although individual therapy involves exploring feelings and beliefs, it is also about making a concrete plan for growth. We encourage you to focus on clear goals, break them into manageable steps, and measure your progress toward those goals in a structured way. Your genuine dedication to the process of self-discovery, and energetic commitment toward positive action, are the best indicators for your success in individual therapy. If you are ready to engage in individual therapy, simply give us a call at (425) 919-8765  or email us below to schedule an appointment.